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Default Bluegoop Sony Awards

Now we come to our First Annual BG Sony Awads. You may nominate a game/character for each category and when we get enough nomination or what not for each category i'll do a poll for each, now these are the categories:
  • Best Female Character
  • Best Male Character
  • Best Overall Character
  • Best Sports Game
  • Best Multiplayer Game
  • Funiest Game
  • Best Overall Game
  • Best Fighting Game
  • Best Action Game
  • Best Online Game
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[*] Best Female Character
Arcia from Chaos Legion
[*] Best Male Character
Sora from Kingdom Hearts
[*] Best Overall Character
[*] Best Sports Game
dunno, I would say T.H.U.G., but that's multiplatform.
[*] Best Multiplayer Game
[*] Funniest Game
Okage: Shadow King
[*] Best Overall Game
Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner
[*] Best Fighting Game
3D: Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution
2D: Guilty Gear X2
[*] Best Action Game
Contra: Shattered Soldier
[*] Best Online Game
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My nomanies are,

Best Female Character
Lara Croft

Best Male Character
Solid Snake

Best Overall Character
Tommy Vercitti

Best Sports Game
Fifa 2005

Best Multiplayer Game
Dynasty Warriors 4

Funniest Game
Jak 2 (Daxter)

Best Overall Game
Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Best Fighting Game
Bloody Roar 3

Best Action Game
007 Nightfire

Best Online Game
Socom 2

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two posts , yah

Best Female Character

Best Male Character

Best Overall Character
Bob Vila

Best Sports Game

Best Multiplayer Game
Alien Hominid

Funniest Game
alien homonid(hehe)

Best Overall Game
Splintercell: CHaos theory
(even if it's not out yet)

Best Fighting Game

Best Action Game
area51 demo

Best Online Game
Socom 2(don't even play online anyway)
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So what happened to these awards? Did they just die off?
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that is sad.....it was a great idea, you dudes should start it back up now, i'm sure everyone would be interested in participating!
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Best Female Character : Lara Croft
Best Male Character : Cloud (Well, including the movie, of course.)
Best Overall Character : Tough one. Either Kratos or Dante.
Best Sports Game : NBA Live
Best Multiplayer Game : Dunno any from Sony
Funiest Game : Dunno, Patapon?
Best Overall Game : Final Fantasy Series
Best Fighting Game : Tekken
Best Action Game : Syphon Filter
Best Online Game : Dunno any Sony. But Ragnarok comes to mind. Lolz.
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[*]Best Female Character - Tifa
[*]Best Male Character - Dante
[*]Best Overall Character - Cloud
[*]Best Sports Game - Motor Storm
[*]Best Multiplayer Game -
[*]Funiest Game -
[*]Best Overall Game - FINAL FANTASY VII
[*]Best Fighting Game - Bloody Roar & Tekken
[*]Best Action Game - Metal Gear
[*]Best Online Game -
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