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Default Sony copy-protection is almost undetectable malware

For those who haven't yet encountered the furore surrounding the recently revealed Sony DRM software, check this Wired article:


But it all started here:


From what I understand, Sony have included on certain "copy-protected" audio CDs a so-called "rootkit" which is a driver which loads into the OS kernel and prevents Windows itself from seeing any processes associated with it. Once installed it cannot be removed (except by jumping through Sony's ridiculous hoops, or having an advanced Masters degree in Computing Science).

More seriously, Sony's particular brand of rootkit takes up 1-2% of CPU cycles at all times. And, if you read the articles, you'll see it can potentially be used as a back door by hackers to conceal all kinds of crap on your system by the simple addition of five characters to any filename ($sys$).

Thumbs down for Sony.
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