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Default To all the atheists

Why did you lose faith in God? Or did you never have it in the first place?
As for me, I was a firm believer once. Things went downhill for a long while. I became dubious. And finally , an atheist.
I'd like to know what keeps you holding on. What are your views on it?
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Things will go down hill. You'll find that life often goes awry, but that doesn't mean that God isn't there, or that God isn't listening. But you're being too vague for me to actually address that, and I suppose it isn't the point of this thread in the first place.

I hold on because I believe that this planet is populated with good people. Granted, there aren't many.. but there are just enough to maintain my hope. But I'm not sure how well I can actually explain it. It's just something I know. There's a God. Now, is God a man in the clouds who battles Satan who gets an inferiority complex when you don't go to your local "God's house of whoop-ass?"

I don't really think so.

Anyway, just keep thinking and feeling. Pick what's best for you. It doesn't really matter what anyone else believes. Spiritual battles are on the inside.
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I'm an atheist because I actually hate religious people who try to make me join their beliefs. See, my logic is this, if I'm an atheist, then I don't believe in Hell.

That, and if I die and find that worshiping Jehovah is a straight-to-hell sin, then I can honestly say that I never followed him.
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Well, I'm not an Atheist... I'm Agnostic. Neither religion nor atheism makes sense to me.

I do not consider it an insult, but rather a compliment to be called an agnostic. I do not pretend to know where many ignorant men are sure—that is all that agnosticism means.
-Clarence Darrow, Scopes trial, 1925

And I entirely agree. I think it's just as foolish to follow on religion as it is to be an Atheist... it truly is the same thing.

I enjoy studying and exploring all sorts of religions... they all hold truth, and when you strip the myth from them and take in the moral behind them, it's much easier to understand the true message behind it. That's the thing, though- there's nothing that suggests one religion is "Teh Religion"... in fact, evidence suggests they all stem from the same mythos.

I entirely understand why someone might choose religion, though. However, even if you're religious, that's no reason to turn away from the teachings of other religions (which are in fact often nearly identical)... yet I often see people do that.
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I have not given my hopes on God. I always believe he will be there to help us. But i have never been dependant on him. i did not try to be lazy saying his name. I will do my job and he will do according to my actions. Where my efforts fail, he comes into the rescue of mine.
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I 100% agree with Somnilocus. I am not religious, nor am I am atheist. I don't like organized religion being pushed down my throat, and I definitely do not like people trying to "put the fear of God in others". I just find so many things hypocritical about religion, but I am not going to bash people who are religious, because just because it does not work for me does not mean it doesn't work for others; same thing with atheism.
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I love atheism. I love waking out of bed and thinking for myself everyday:P
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