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Benson 02-26-2003 08:34 PM

"Everything is Gaaayyy!"

What a freak! :o

Darth_Faction 02-26-2003 08:36 PM

I'll take your word for it.

*cancel* :D

Jushiko 02-26-2003 08:37 PM

There is only one way to express my feelings for this...


Diablo 02-26-2003 08:38 PM


the Raiders are so not "gayayayayayyyyyy"

Benson 02-26-2003 08:39 PM

In a more in depth discussion, what do you think is wrong with this kid?

And do you think that he killed himself after the filming of this video?

mrbigggshot 02-26-2003 08:39 PM

What a fat disgruntled little boy. :meh:

-Mr. B

Holly 02-26-2003 08:40 PM

LMAO, seriously, I really did laugh really hard at this only five seconds in to it... this kid is a superfreak!

"KFC is gay, Donald is gay..."

"Orange juice gay... orange juice gay..."

This kid is a freakin mental case, seriously... or a typical middle school kid, lol... yes, a stereotype, but look at him...

Diablo 02-26-2003 08:41 PM

wut's with this asshole's hair?:|

GTA3_Mafia 02-26-2003 08:44 PM

LMFAO!!! :rofl:

Holly 02-26-2003 08:44 PM

This kid just isn't mature and he seems a little bit confused and a little bit insecure about his sexuality. Some kids are jerks, and he seems to be simply an attention whore, or just plain confused... very. It could be an insecurity about weight, self confidence, sexuality issues... it could be a world of things.

Benson 02-26-2003 08:46 PM

He also seems a little young to be saying stuff like that, I know I didn't talk like that at that age, guessing around 12.

Holly 02-26-2003 08:46 PM

Do you remember middle school, Benson?

Benson 02-26-2003 08:48 PM

Yes, I guess I could say I might of known some kids like that. But he seems a little more extreme.

Atrocity 02-26-2003 08:49 PM

*watches video*

and people are worried that words like this are going to remain a mainstream terminology?

GTA3_Mafia 02-26-2003 08:49 PM

He reminds me of that kid on the Man Show. :rofl:

Darth_Faction 02-26-2003 08:52 PM

Fairly advanced guitar technique, though.

GTA3_Mafia 02-26-2003 08:52 PM

woah, the ending is a little extream....

Holly 02-26-2003 09:01 PM

Someone probably did or said something to him. Kids are mean at that age and a lot of things hurt and affect us more than they should. I'm not sure, but he could be feeling quite horrible with himself, I mean, it could be depression, unsatisfaction with life...

Okay, I'm going to stop attempting to sound like a psychiatrist now. Where did you find this thing anyways?

Benson 02-26-2003 09:02 PM

It was in one of my friend's profiles.

ahtom_ay_ot_drow 02-26-2003 09:03 PM


holy jesus that rocked :rockon:

thats one of the funniest things ive ever seen in a while

Spatula 02-26-2003 09:03 PM

he called himself gay.

quoting a famous jonathan:

"hes a sexually repressed fag."

Benson 02-26-2003 09:05 PM

That has more I think.

ahtom_ay_ot_drow 02-26-2003 09:06 PM

angry naked pat rocks :rockon:

hes funny as hell

codePhoenix 02-26-2003 09:11 PM

My god...what's with that guy?

Benson 02-26-2003 09:12 PM

There are like 70 of them....

Spatula 02-26-2003 09:14 PM

the super bowl thing was just a joke because he was trying to be funny but he wasnt.

the second one, the peanut butter thing, was...incredibly stupid. i hate him with all my hate i have in my body.

DannyBoy872 02-26-2003 09:16 PM

Wow... reminds me of 7th grade...

Holly 02-26-2003 09:30 PM


Originally posted by ahtom_ay_ot_drow

thats one of the funniest things ive ever seen in a while

Sadly, that's true for me as well...

GunGrave 02-26-2003 09:38 PM


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