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oh boy, another war to watch. Oh well teh real story will be reconstruction, as usual....
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Reconstruction will definitely be something to watch...

...why do you hate our president? Sure, he's making bad decisions, but, you still have to respect him as the leader of the country.
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Semper Fi muthafukas,

I dont like this war nor do I like bush but come on guys support your military. These guys are kickin ass right now, they just took over strategic airfields and took care of the oil fields in s. iraq. Mr. Bushnuts might suck but they're only following orders of an idiot. Even if this war is stupid, its not like we can lose, and there havent been many reports of civilian deaths, we're taking out a dictator whos been torchuring his people and rigging the "presidential polls" by threatening the opposition. Shit Iraq is the fukin black market. we take iraq out we damage the illegal weapons industry. there is SOME good coming out of this war.
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Originally posted by codePhoenix
That's a good way to put it, and, from what I've heard, a Helicopter went down last night...Anyone know what happened to the crew? I haven't been watching.
8 Brits and 4 US Marines died

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damnit i missed the shock and awe today

Originally posted by Darth_Faction

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When it was on it was pretty 'aweing' .. though they could do so much more if they wanted.. so far it stills seems like they are holding back.

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