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Default im leaving so bye to all and peace

yeah im leaving dont have much to get on no more and not like i even posted but anyways laterz to all and peace.(oh and gungrave keep getting those high ranks maybe i'll see u in a server someday well bye all)
c( ' ')-o c(* ' )o
http://www.outwar.com/page.php?x=674954 best site in world.
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You sucks
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Do I know you?
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I...remember you? :confused:
mr bigggshot: wait, are you humoring me?
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well cya

:bitch to Coren. I :bitch to Coren.

Originally posted by Coren
FingerTapper is the sexiest man I have ever known. WOW!!!!!
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Originally posted by nispo
*500th post*
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peace out dude.
Make this guy a mod. He just seems damn good... and familiar.

If common sense is so common, then why do so few people use it?
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adios muchachos
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heheheh sayonarra OG
this shit is alive

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