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Default "Pain & Vice Versa"

This is in a whole topic response to Adrian's point of view, on living life.

In one aspect you said that even pain is an emotion to show you're alive or something like that, correct? you keep using this as a reason, in abortion as well.. you did.

I think this is a good topic... I'm not saying I disagree, but it's a matter of, even if you are living, there are some situations when it isn't life at all, I mean you are LIVING, but at the point where there isn't a point.. when all meaning is lost, and it's just a void in emptiness, you are alive, a living organism and all, but really, you can't deny that, you can just not have anything to live for.. there comes times when this occurs, when you just look at an overall view, and say "Wow, I have nothing."

Then someone could reply with, "Live it for those who care, to help someone, those in need.." (HPK)

Yeah, but why live for others?? since when is that living a life of your own? I understand it'll probably make you feel good inside, and blah.. but since when it helping OTHERS living, YOU ?

I'm not saying never help people, but solely living for that purpose, doesn't make sense to me.. in my point of view, yes, there are things to live for, and everyone isn't going to cherish life as the most grand thing ever when while they live it, it sucks. Of course, this isn't a reason to go and kill yourself, but also isn't a very good boost in wanting to keep going, there is no definite answer saying living life as long as you can is best, just the fact that when you die, and die forever, (the same can't be said for life) makes people want to live a span as long as possible.

I don't agree. I'd rather die earlier, then live miserable in hopes of finding happiness.

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i had to read that 3 times.. but i think im getting what you said...

i live life cuz i dont know whats coming next, and want to see it so i stay... that and i dont think killing yourself is right... i think its selfish... (do you have any idea what that does to the people you leave behinde???) sometimes you just have to think of others before you think of yourself... and vice versa....

thats my opinion....
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Ah respected, I just wanted to have the other-side view of it.
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Default Re: "Pain & Vice Versa"

If you breathe you are living, period. Pain isn't an emotion, it's a sensation. I don't think you should kill yourself, either.

I'm not sure where the whole "thinking = living" came from, I think it's from some jerkass philosophe though.

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