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Default EA Hit with Lawsuit

Electronic Arts is being sued because they failed to mention to consumers that when they installed Spore, that a stand alone program called SecuROM is also installed and is impossible to remove from a computers system, even after Spore is uninstalled. The program is used for copyright protection of the game, however it becomes a permanent part of the computers software portfolio.
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Too bad everyone knew that it had DRM since it leaked out 6 months before the game came out.

If people stopped torrenting PC games they wouldn't have to install fucking spyware on your pc

But yeah lets just sue everyone
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What's DRM, anyway?

I'm against a company placing spyware or any security software that can't be removed, but maybe if piracy was not such a big issue, EA and other publishers wouldn't need to add that stuff into their software.
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They can do anything with their software but they can't just mess around with people's personal stuff and there's a reason it's called a PC. It's personal.

...and besides, most people who are into piracy can get around this spore thing easy.
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