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Default Hurricane Ike Creating A Fuel Crisis

Hurricane Ike is causing gas prices to spike in the Southeastern United States of America. People are reporting price increases of $2 a gallon before the hurricane has even done a bit of damage. And they claim this is not price gouging. Yea RIGHT
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It's scary because my parents and in-laws are in that area right now and they have already lost power. It sucks that they aren't here with me. I am worried to death about it hitting them really hard.
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My friend from Houston is here with us, she is so worried after the warnings regarding this storm. Her husband is still there and supposed to join after a week or so. She is trying to contact him every while and praying for him as well.
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Gas in Michigan jumped 20 cents throughout the whole thing. Here I thought we'd be paying $7 a gallon by this week. Ha ha ha.. I could have saved that cash!
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