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Default Lord of the rings : The third age - Review

Game Title : Lord of the rings : The third age
Review Written By : Jason Barrett - JCB
Platform : Gamecube, but also available for PS2 and X-box
For Age Range : 10 - Old
Brief Description : Im a big lord of the rings fan so I am probably going to be slightly bios here? I have played lord of the rings two towers and return of the king on the gamecube and I would say they are the best games I have ever played. So when I heard the third age was coming out I was very exited.

When I first started to play the game I was a bit upset as this game was different from the others. This game is an RPG. Ive never been into RPGs but I decided to give this one a go.

What I thought of it : As I said I have never been into RPG games, but this game has changed my mind, It took a while to get use to but towards the end of the game I did not want it to end. You start the game with one character and your party increases in numbers as you go along.

The story runs along side the films, You get to visit a few places in the film such as Helms Deep etc. The characters you play did not feature in the films. You also get the chance to team up with your favourite characters such as Aragon, Legolas, Gimili, Gandouf, and more to fight some interesting creatures like a Balrock and more, I wont spoil it but there are some great battles. The story line is great but I wont spoil it for you, buy the game and try it yourself!!

As you go through the game and fight creatures your party gains experience and levels, And when you gain a level you can increase a characters ability such as health magic and so on.

What made this game so great? The problem I think with RPG games is they can sometimes take to long to complete. For example one of my friends played Final Fantasy for 210 hours!! I just simply donít have that time to spare. But this game only took me 25 hours to complete, which I think is a good time to be playing a game. Also it is always very clear where you have to go and what you have to do, so there is no running around for ages trying to find something or working out what to do.

Tips : When my characters gained levels I was increasing abilityís such as magic (Action points) and strength, I would advise that you increase all your characters HP at first. When you get to helms deep the monsters hit hard and were killing my characters in 1 / 2 hits.

I found myself using the elf for a few reasons, He has an attack that puts an enemy to sleep, You might need to gain a few levels to get this ability. He also has an attack where he can steal HP from monsters

Graphics : In gameplay could have been better, but they were still very good. The cut scenes were so good.

Game Play : When I got an hour or two in to the game I really got addicted and then spend every spare minute I had playing the game.

Lastability : The game took me 25 hours to complete, But its not the sort of game you would play twice, But I was tempted to buy the game on x-box as you can play the game on x-box live and I am very interested to see what this is like. When you complete the game you unlock a special evil mode game

Misc : Buy it

Over all rating : 92%
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