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Default Mario Kart Review

Game Title : Mario Kart
Review Written By : Jason Barrett - JCB
Platform : Gamecube
For Age Range : All
Brief Description : Do I need to say much?? Mario and co battle it out to become the ultimate karting champion. There are 4 different cups for you to try, and you can also unlock mirror mode so you can play the circuits backwards, as well as a battle modes

Mario Kart on the SNES was great, why? Because it relied more on your skill than anything else. Each kart was different, acceleration, top speed, handling etc. I still find myself playing this game when I have a group of mates round.

The next Mario kart game on the N64 was so bad!! The multiplayer was good. But every kart had the same attributes and the computer karts catch-up speed was so bad, You could be winning by a whole half a lap but you can guarantee that when you cross the finish line the other karts would of caught up with you and would of probably over taken you.

The N64 version was no where as near as successful as the SNES version. Mario Kart was released on the gameboy advanced, and this game was based more on the SNES version than the N64 version. so the Gamecube version had to be a huge improvement.

What I thought of it : A huge improvement on the N64 version. Each character and kart had there own unique attributes, acceleration, top speed etc. The computer catch-up was more realistic, so the better you drove the more ahead you would get and the computer would not catch you up.

The graphics were great, looked good and the karts ran smoothly. On the N64 version if you played multiplayer you did not have any computer controlled karts, In the gamecube version you did.

All the tracks were well designed and there were no really annoying tracks, like the ghost tracks in the snes version where you keep on falling off the edge

The battle mode was good, But it didnít keep mine or my mates attention. All together a must have game for any gamecube owner

Graphics : Very nice and smooth
Game Play : Excellent, Theres nothing better than getting your mate with a red shell,,
Lastability : When I first got the game I played it with my mates for hours on end, And its also one of those games you will always go back to and play when you have a few mates round.
Misc : A must for all gamecube owners
Over all rating : 90%
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I am also a big fan of mario kart. I used to play it on my Ds but this game was more good on wii.
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