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Default Resident Evil 4 - Review

Game Title : Resident Evil 4
Review Written By : Jason Barrett : JCB
Platform : Gamecube
For Age Range : 15 and upwards
Brief Description : Another one of my favourites. Ive played all of the resident evil games, and they just keep on getting better and better. The story line is very good, the presidents daughter has been kidnapped and it is up to you to rescue her. The rescue goes smoothly, but guess what, things then start to go wrong. But this time you are not against zombies, you are fighting humans which have been taken over by parasites, And they are much meaner and harder to kill than zombies.
What I thought of it : Excellent, A big improvement from the last games. I loved everything about this game. The story line was really good. The monsters were much harder to kill. Graphics and cut scenes were great.

My first impressions while playing this game were very good. I was impressed with the way that you can have 2 weapons on the go at once, A huge improvement from the previous games. You always have your knife armed, and then you can choose which gun you want to equip. You also have a good aiming system for the guns, An infer-red line comes out of your gun and shows you where you are aiming, Very useful for shots like head shots.

The game starts of easy, then it goes into the village and you find yourself trapped inside a house and there are so many villagers trying to get in to get you, I died about 10 times before I could get past this. But this was a good thing as it prepared you for the rest of the game.

The map is much better, There is a red dot which indicates where you need to get to. This is a very good feature as before you just had to run around guessing where you needed to go. The doors are also colour coded, they are coded if, a door is locked and you do not have the key, the door is locked and you have the key, door is open. Again this makes it much easier to navigate around.

Every now and then you will bump in to a trader. This trader will sell you every thing you need, from guns, gun upgrades, first ad and so on. Again the trader is new to the resident evil series and works very well with the game.

The monsters are generally harder to kill than in the previous games, But I found the bosses easier.

Tips : As with every resident evil game try to use as little ammo as possible, I was being very careful and found that I still ran out. I ran out of ammo when I was on a boss, I had to kill a huge troll with just my knife 

When killing villagers fire one shot at there knees, if they fall to the floor run up to them and hack them with your knife. If they fall to there knees go close to them and you can then kick them or suplex them which should finish them off. You will need to do this to save ammo.

Your gun will only shoot one target, If you have 3 or more people infront of you use the shot gun, them run up to them and use your knife while they are on the floor.

If you can shoot the crows, they will usually drop money and ammo. If you see a group of crows on the floor throw a grenade at them, it will kill them all and you will get a lot of ammo / money

Graphics : Amazing top marks!! Cut scenes are breath taking!!
Game Play : The action will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through the game
Lastability : Another one of those games that you play through once and then donít go back to. It took me 30 hours to complete
Over all rating : 94%
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I have not played Resident Evil 4 on cube but i played the wii version of this game. It had better controls and was more enjoyable.
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