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Default Dota

If you played warcraft then maybe you played this game called DOTA, if not then I suggest you try it.

It's one of the best network game I played since... hmm.. I think it was way back in 1989. So try it and enjoy. Suggested players would be 4 - 10 and I think they expanded the player slots to 12.

Thriller Night!!
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I have already tried both and I like it at first but it gets boring as you are playing and finishing everyday. I think that I would never play this game again. I will just wait for the newest.

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Well Dota for me is very addicting, I try it once and I never stop playing it until now. I've seen a lot of people in our area and playing dota all the time, so why not I try it. I never had a regret. It is a good game.
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Ah, Dota. I had good times and bad times with it. It's good when you're winning but sometimes I really can get pissed off at times, losing of course. Really addicting. Great gameplay and they really fix bug issues and balance the game. Ice Frog must be freaking rich!
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