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Ben Bean
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Default New vers. Babala freeware game out -- now 200 levels!

Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Subject: Babala 0.3b released, freeware strategy marathon

Babala is a fun and fanciful game suitable for all ages. It's freeware but
not open source. There are versions for both Linux and Windows. You'll find
this unique game at www.babala.org, where there are some screenshots and
more information. With this latest beta release v0.3, the game has grown to
a staggering 200 levels.

Babala is simplicity gone ballistic. It's played on a simple grid and its
defining features are mercifully few in number, a child could pick up on it
readily. The game isn't cluttered with myriad details and rules, countless
varying characters, difficult controls or complex readouts. But don't be
fooled, because this game gets tough as nails to beat as the levels
progress! A meaningful (beta) scoring system is incorporated and Web high
score posting is planned for version 1.0 (probably out before Christmas).

So what is Babala? it's a 2D move strategy game. At the start of the
contest, the enemy legionnaires "Balabaks" are arrayed on the field. To
battle them, you have limited moves and shots (or laying of mines) that you
can make during your each round; 6 or 7 tops; you choose as you play, from a
set of 5 maximal trade-offs. Following your strokes, the enemy is allowed a
measured advance toward you. If any Balabak reaches you, you lose, you're
mugged. The enemy can't shoot. Your task of course is to survive, and
dispose of all Balabaks. There may be obstructions and certain rigged
perils, critically situated, or distant ammunition stores that have to be

This game has already earned a "Top Dog" two-thumbs-up review from HOTU
(Home Of The Underdogs), www.the-underdogs.org/game.php?id=5210, but don't
take their word, try it for yourself.

In short, the game is fiendishly clever, diabolical, one of a kind.. betcha
can't beat it

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