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Default Leisure Suit Larry

Does anyone remember this game? A long time ago a friend of mine had this game, and I remember trying to play it and being unable to figure it out. It was a really stupid game, but it was funny at times.
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I remembered I had Larry Leisure Suit 1 and 2. It was back in the MS-DOS days. I had the same problem. I didn't know what to do with it back then. I couldn't get past 1 girl, eventually I got bored with it.
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I remember this game. It was that 'getting laid' game. I remember it had to do with scoring a lot without getting sick. Sounds like an early ancestor of the Sims.
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I also remember this game when it came out way back when. Oh...something about command lines. Anyway, I played it a bit and then got bored like many of you and just forgot out it.
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Yeah, I didn't too much like that game. Some parts were kind of fun, but I pretty much did the same thing TonyGun did. I played it a few times, got bored to tears, and forgot all about it until now.
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I'm not keen on command-line adventure games, I prefer point-and-click or keyboard-based, like Grim Fandango. Still, never played a LSL game, but it's on my list.
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