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Default used or new car?

what do you prefer? a used or new car? what are the things that you need to know when buying a used and new car?
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I will surely go in for a new car- I will prefer a small car to any old flashy one.The main reason to it is the maintenance problem. I just can't afford to take my vehicle to garage every second day. New is new, I will just check with the mileage efficiency.
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If I can find a good used car, I'll go that route. New cars lose their value the moment you drive off the dealer's parking lot and in some cases the loss can be as high as 50%.
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I would prefer only a new car. Because i simply hate to use things which are used by others. And there can be many problems in buying a old car. Because we must properly check for the working of components and there are many other factors with which we have to be careful.
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