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kerry said he had met with or he had talked to or he had heard from 'foreign leaders', who wanted him to defeat bush, but he refused to tell anyone, who these leaders were. it appears as if north korea is stalling talks about its nuclear weapons program, maybe they hope to hurt bush and to possibly get a better deal from a democratic administration next year. after all the last democratic president built two new nuclear power plants for kim yong il. so there have been jokes about, whether among the foreign leaders may have been castro or kim yong il or bin laden. after that the kerry campaign issued a statement, that they no longer accept endorsements from foreigners iirc and north korea also denied, that it supports kerry. still there are jokes about this and with north korea now calling the VP mentally deranged I remember having read in another messageboard about 'NORTH KOREA for KERRY" bumperstickers.
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