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Could you clarify, please? It sounds idiotic to me, but hey you never know...
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Originally Posted by muspell
For some reason, I thought that was incredibly funny.

That in itself is racist.

Actually no, but could you answer WHY you think that is funny?
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Idiotic? Of course. That reminds me of all those who found that idea idiotic years ago. Where are they now? Probably they checked that prior to democracy they couldnt find any sign of racism and that racism/racialism is born with the democratic era. Now they are all bunkered in their coccoon of blissful ignorance...

So again, the pattern in democracy.

Democracy says to be to protect or promote a set of rights (or privileges).
Democracy says that those rights exist out of any society and only belong to the very nature of an individual.
Democracy says that every human being is entitled to those rights.
Yet justifying that so called self belief, democratic people are proven to be unable of.
Where do they come from? Why are they?

A simple look to the history of historical democracies shows that actually to enable some to enjoy the democratic rights, others must be excluded from enjoying them.
It is no surprise that during the expansion of the democratic us towards the west, the indians (yet human beings) were denied their right to private property. That was needed to afford the democratic people to get an access to it.
Another anecdot taken from the times when the democratic french were spreading democracy accross europe through their napoleonic wars.
French prisoners on a spanish ship prison, left alone to rotten(trend copied out from the english trend, and that is the ancestor of the nazi death camp with the same project, another legacy from democracy to history...). They starve to death. Only solution for those convicted democratic french people: eating a person. Democracy says them that people have a right to life. They cant eat one of their feeblest comrades. Hopefully for them, there are ******s working on the port. They decide to capture one.
What is common in each of those examples, very different in their scale?
Each time the justification of the action was the same: indians, ******s were not human beings. They were at best lesser human beings.
Democracy says that every human being is entitled to a set of rights. It says nothing wrong about those who are not considered human beings.
Racialism is just the tool enabling democratic people to exclude human beings from their human condition, nazism just the climax of the idea (democracy doesnt say explicitly that democratic people have to kill undemocratic people to secure their rights where nazism does).
Everytime a democratic person is in trouble about securing the democratic rights, the solution lies into racism and the denial of some of their human condition.
Racialism/racism is just the attempt of putting somebody aside from his/her universality.
This trend is now so common through democratic lands that people popularly speak about being racist against the fats, the uglies, the dwarfs and so on, each category they feel might be one useful to exclude to secure their rights.
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I'm not sure. It might've been that I often think the kind of people who are pro- zionist, republican and pro- value wrappings usually are very christian as well. And probably therefore believe in hell. So I wondered what kind of afterlife they think they deserve. I mean, for doing what usually would pass for lies and trickery. And if they do not tell the truth and know it, then they will go to hell for certain. Perhaps they believe in a heaven where there is no ambiguity, for instance. No doubt, and no opposition. That struck me as an explanation to a great many things at the time. That is to say, there is a fundamental truth that would be needed to be told in order to draw the real picture. Which would excuse lies, but not lies about the fundamental truth. I think that was part of it. That, and too little sleep. Everything seems funny then.
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