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Default Thursday night's VP debate

Thursday night's debate is supposed to be the most widely anticipated and widely viewed debate during this election season. Will the GOP finally unleash Palin? Will Biden devour Palin? Guess we'll all find out who the best potential second-in-command will be.
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I watched the debate. I thought Palin did a great job. I think Palin won the debate. Of course, you won't see that on the news. The media bias is disgusting. I thought Joe Biden came off as a bit arrogant. He kept referring to him in the third person. That really annoyed me. He also lied 14 times during the debate. I think the media portraying Sarah Palin as an idiot worked in her favor a bit. They effective lowered expectation and she easily soared above them. Obama campaign attempted to do the same for Obama before the first debate, but they weren't as successful.
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Surprisingly, Sarah Palin fared much better what was expected. There's no doubt about it. Joe Biden was also good. His fluency with the matter was one of the highlights.But when overall scores were gathered, Palin stood much ahead. As far fetching votes is concerned, Palin is going to do the magic. She is proving herself time and again.
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