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Default After School Stuff

Do you do anything after-school? Like Student Counsil, sports, or some other type of thing after-school AT school? I stay after school every Tuesday for Student Counsil.
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Drama and Newspaper.
Drama kids are cool.
Churchill Lancers rock the Casbah...
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nothing yet, thank god. maybe next year for choir and newspaper.
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On mondays I have 2hours of computers (I take it as additional subject, besides the other 6) and chess right after that. Nothing else, since my school doesn't have bball

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Every Wednesday and Thursday,I do after school football (Soccer.. ;))

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Not currently.
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Today I signed up to help design a webpage for Schools Canada, so I'll have to stay after school for that.
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archery and ski/snowboard club on thursdays, computer on tuesdays, mountain biking(in the fall and spring) on wednesdays.
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I don't go to any after school programs :thumbsup:
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I stay at school everyday for either band, the school magazine, or Latin. .

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