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Default Benefits of Bilingualism

I thought this might be interesting to discuss. What do you think are the benefits of being bilingual or knowing even more languages? Share.
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well being in south florida and traveling alot to caribean and stuff, knowing spanish helps alot.
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the US is the only country that doesnt require you to learn more than one language. why? because every other country works hard to learn OUR language.

we're morons. idiots. arrogant jerks. not wanting more; not wanting to know beyond the limitations of our neighborhood. half of us are fat, incompetent losers who dont care beyond the refridgerator and star treck.

then there is the other half. the half that we have at our boards, who care about the other countries. and so on. learning other languages is something you should do at all costs.

Originally posted by HypeDave:
Spatula and Jushiko, please take this thread seriously.
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I'm not in a school system where I can learn adequate spanish, but I know some and am interested in pursuing it further. Migrant workers pour over our borders every year, and within the next 10 years, they won't be a minority.
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I guess learning more languages would be cool,if you were planning on going to the country which speaks that language...I have to learn French in school,but I will never need to use it

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There are lots of benifits. Like I am fluent in Bangla (my mother language), Hindi, Urdu, and little bit of French and panjabi.

I went to travel to india cupple of times, and my Hindi speaking skills helped a lot when I talked to general public, who doesnt really speak english.

And i kinda like learning languages unless its really hard to speak.
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the more language u know the cooler u are
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I only know bits and peices of different kinds of languages, but hopefully i'll learn some in the future.

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Originally posted by heffer111
well being in south florida and traveling alot to caribean and stuff, knowing spanish helps alot.
You live in South Florida . Were?

Well I can speak a bit Spanish and French.

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