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nispo is on a distinguished road

No, not this year, I don't have a computer class.
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DarkBlood is on a distinguished road

No, don't really have access to one yet.
:x Love ya Adam! :x
"Love isn't brains, children. It's blood. Blood screaming inside you to work it's will. I may be love's bitch, but at least I'm man enough to admit it." - Spike
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Well, sometimes. The teacher sometimes watches people... the new computer teacher basically walks around checking that everyone is working, so I can't very often.
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No. They have software that blocks all meesage boards.
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Crazy A
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yes i do that a lot see #200 posts!!!!!
Trying to post to be the final fantasy mod (or something like that)

Thank you benson for believing in me and giving me a second chance!
(stupid adrian left)
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I've done it a few times
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i post at school when i have free time in the computer lab
[img]your mom[/img]
Our Mission: Hunt and Destroy Mr. Bigggshot
Wait hes right there. DIE YOU EXTREMELY SUAVE MAN!!!

Originally posted by ZeroWing
Damn, Dan looks like the former drummer of my band, who also liked Weezer.

Must be a mushroom cut thing

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