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Default Frog-Life aka Dawn Eciplse (a free online RPG)

In a world, where game designers cant control their members, and support gorilla attacks against other games and their reputations, one game rises above the norm, like a shining beacon casting off a ray of hope that none has ever seen before. This game, known as "Frog-Life", flexes its superior game play and story line, proving who really has the big guns.

Despite numerous attacks against it, Frog-Life remains a dignified game, with plenty to do. It doesn't end at just battling and leveling and training, oh no my friends. The creators of Frog-Life have come up with some new ideas that have other game owners jealous, and craving this kind of originality. Of course, like all text-based MMORPGs, it has your basics: Weapons, armor, forums, chat, casino, the list goes on, but it also has the original ideas of "FLCF" "UFC" "Car Jacking" "Robot Wars" and Hobos that gamble for you. Let me break it down for you.

FLCF (Frog -Life Capture the Flag) is the games very own sports league. Here, owners buy teams (thats right folks, you can own your own team), then bid on players to join the team. This is an excellent way to make money in the game for just about anyone.

Underground Fighting Championship is a place where you battle your way through ranks of NPC warriors to become a champion of the UFC. Not only is there a spiffy prize for doing so, but you also get your name recorded to forever remain a part of Frog-Life history. And even once you beat it, its not closed off to you from then on out. There is an infanant number of times you can become a UFC champion. That is, if you can make it through the gauntlet of opposition.

Car Jacking
Car jacking is a nifty little way to cause conflict with your foes. And in the end, what is a game with this many people when it doesn't have conflict? In car jacking, you steal a persons car one of two ways (or both if you prefer). You can sneak over to their garage and take it, OR you can drive a nifty little RC car with a car jacking capability through a minefield to the persons garage, simply having your car take theirs over. Thats not where it ends though, ohhh no, after that, you can showcase the car at the dealership, earning yourself a nice little hunk of cash to add to your forever growing bank account.

Cosmos - Over 350 items and accessories to spice up your character!

Flash Battles - Realtime fighting, Make your own destiny!

Robot Wars
Robot wars are illegal in the land of Metropolis, but thats okay folks, because with a little scrimping and saving, you too can have your own robot hell bent on the annihilation of another poor fools robot. Even after you buy the blueprints for the bot, you still have to collect the supplies to make them, which just makes your job soo much more fun, because while doing that, you come across oils that can make the bot bigger, badder, meaner, and a hellovalot more powerful. With those blueprints, you could build yourself a robot army... and who knows what that could lead to?

Hobo Gambling
Don't have a knack for spending chips and making it worth your time? well aren't you lucky that all hobos are ex-professional gamblers who squandered their money on women and alcohol? Hire a hobo, give him some money, and watch as he steadily increases your fortune, and grows in ability. Change how you want him to live his life and play, and watch as he changes the amount of chips he wins you, and gains levels in his happy little "finally getting some food" world.

Gameworx is the arcade of Frog-Life, where you can earn credits to buy various things (food to feed your frog, and trinkets, collectables, and maybe even a few quest items...) to make the time go buy. Ittle baby actually find a way to do all of this stuff before reset? Aww, don't cry, go pway some arcade games to pass the time...not that you'll need them.

Future Releases:
The owners are constantly thinking of new and innovative ideas for making the game something more then a game. As of right now, two projects are being worked on. One big enough to be its own game, and the other awsome enough to make the game extend its playing hand over the entire MMORPG community. Keep an eye out for these.

Frog-Life is a balls to the wall game where frogs run the earth, humans aren't dominant, and robots and aliens wander around at their leisure. If your faint of heart, pregnant, or have known back and neck problems, don't get near this game. This isn't your fathers MMORPG.

Come see for yourself at www.frog-life.com or if you prefer www.dawneclipse.com
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