True Crime: New York City

April 26, 2006 · Print This Article

True Crime : New York CityIf you liked True Crime:  Streets of L.A. Then get ready for the next installment, True Crime:  New York City.  This second installment features a new character with an attitude and a reason for it!

You play as Marcus Reed.  Marcus is a former criminal that turned to a rogue cop.  Marcus abuses his cop authority to hunt down the person responsible for murdering his mentor.  While doing this, Marcus cleans up the streets of New York City.  Undercover, Marcus gets involved in gangs, murders, crooks, and his past.

True Crime is a free roaming action game that allows you to go about New York City as you please.  You can enter all shops and buildings, travel all streets, ride the subways, and visit various landmarks.  You may follow the actual storyline or take on numerous side missions.  It is quite similar to Grand Theft Auto, but much more engrossing!

You have the option of playing as a good cop or as a bad cop.  The good Marcus arrests the baddies, turns in evidence, and keeps the peace.  The bad Marcus kills everyone, steals and sells the evidence, and extorts shop owners.  Which path will you choose?  As you move through the game, the decisions you make affect how the city changes around you.

Marcus will find himself in trouble many times.  He will often need a weapon.  It’s a good thing that you can use almost anything in your environment as a weapon, such as:  pots, pans, bats, stoves, chairs, and even a dead chicken.  Of course, police weapons are also available.  Not to mention swords, grenade launchers, flame throwers, and your bare fists.  You will also engage in high speed shootouts aboard various vehicles.

True Crime has one of the best musical scores.  The voice acting coincides with it perfectly as well.  The controls are a bit slow, but the highly detailed graphics and the dramatic storyline more than makes up for it.

True Crime:  New York City is available on Gamecube, XBOX, and Playstation 2.  It has an ESRB rating of M for Mature.  This is because it features:  blood, gore, use of drugs, intense violence, strong language, and strong sexual content.  This game is not available for minors to purchase without the help of mommy and daddy.  If you have trouble with the game, there is a strategy guide available. 


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