How to Fix Wii Update Errors

January 18, 2011 · Print This Article

The Nintendo Wii is a great gaming platform, providing hours of fun for the whole family. It is even easy enough to connect to your wireless network at home to provide Internet access. It is therefore somewhat frustrating when you have completed the Internet connection, yet still cannot perform a system update without getting some sort of weird error message.

Whilst many people have seen this issue, there is little information on how to successfully resolve the problem, and some of the information given is simply a waste of time.

The vast majority of update issues encountered on the Wii are due to the Wii being unable to download files from Nintendo’s website on some unknown port. It is usually that case that the Wii can browse the web ok using the Opera browser, and the Internet connection passes the test, but every attempt at updating fails which can be very frustrating.

For the most part, the following 2 actions should resolve these errors and allow your Wii to download its updates;

1) Change the MTU settings on your Wii Internet Setup (Advanced option) to be 1400. By default there is no value.
2) Decrease the firewall setting on your router/firewall. Netgear devies usually provide 3 levels of firewalling. If you’re using a Netgear device, change the setting from high to low.

If your router/firewall doesn’t allow for different firewall settings as mentioned above, at least see if you can temporarily disable the firewall to see if the Wii will then be able to get its updates.

If this still doesn’t work, or you can’t change your firewall settings, you can reserve an IP address for your Wii (or setup a static IP address on it), and then configure the Wii’s IP address to be part of the DMZ. This should also provide a valid work around for the problem.

It should be acknowledged that this won’t resolve everyone’s issues, but if you have tried everything else it is certainly worth giving a shot – you never know, it might just work.


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