The Most Anticipated PC Game of 2010 – Starcraft II

December 6, 2009

In 1998, Blizzard Entertainment released StarCraft, a real-time strategy video game that depicted an epic battle for supremacy set in the 26th century. Players could choose to fight for dominance as one of three species: a group of humans exiled from earth known as the Terrans; an insect-like species known as the Zerg; and the Protoss, a humanoid race that was advanced in mental and technological capabilities. The game focused on harboring resources and building settlements that could support an army and a fleet of vehicles and airships strong enough to destroy any enemies in the vicinity.
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Act of War: Direct Action

April 26, 2006

Act of War : Direct ActionReal Time Strategy, or RTS games, are unique in every aspect. There is just such a stark contrast between the games that get it wrong and those that get it right. They all use the basic fundamentals, yet it is strange how some games can just hit the right number every time and pull away with flying colors while others get left in the dust. The question is: What category does Act of War: Direct Action fall into?

First off, something that should be mentioned about Act of War is that it uses live action cut-scenes. Strange indeed, and the last games that managed to pull that off were the incredibly popular Command and Conquer games. If nothing else, Act of War deserves kudos for making an attempt at such a rarely trodden road. Thankfully, Act of War actually does a good job with them and the live action cut-scenes really help to bring the story to life and help to enthrall the gamer into the game world.
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