Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII

April 29, 2006 · Print This Article

Blazing Angels : Squadrons of WW IIAre you interested in flying in some famous dogfights and battles from  WWII?  How would you like to be an ace fighter pilot squadron leader that barks out orders to your fellow wingman?  If so, then get ready for Blazing Angels:  Squadrons of WWII.

In Blazing Angels:  Squadrons of WWII, you get to fly over 40 authentic and realistic looking aircraft from WWII.  These aircraft look just as they did back in those days from the inside of the cockpit to the paint designs on the outside!  Some of these legendary airplanes are:  Luftwaffe’s Messerschmitt, Japanese Zero, Spitfire of Britain, B-17 Flying Fortress, P-51 Mustang, P-38 Lightning, and more.

You are playing as the squadron leader.  You begin as an inexperienced rookie.  As you participate in over 20 missions, your heroism and leadership abilities rise.  This increases the abilities and skills of your squadron.  Your squadron consists of several AI controlled wingmen that will listen and obey your commands.

Battles take place across huge maps.  Your squadron has the ability to fly many different formations and each has its own perks and abilities.  These battles take place over real WWII battle locations such as:  Germany, England, France, Philippines, Japan, Morocco, North Africa, and more!

The graphics are just gorgeous in this game.  The lighting and shadow effects are spectacular.  If you look into the sun while flying, you go temporarily blind!  You can sneak up and attack enemies by hiding in the clouds, or have a hard time finding them due to black smoke rising from recent bombings!

Blazing Angels does have some flaws, however.  If you were looking for a history lesson, you will not find it in this game.  In fact, there is not much of a story.  The missions do tend to get repetitive.  Also, the mindless banter and chatter that spews across your radio from your wingmen is annoying and repetitive as well.  You would think that the creators would have put more time into these things as they did with the stunning graphics.

Aside from that, the controls are very easy to figure out.  If you hold down the left trigger, your pilot will automatically lock on and follow the target.  Also, you can fix your plane if it gets shot and turned into a flaming ball of death.  All you do is fly a bit away from the dogfight and enter in a random sequence of buttons that appears on your screen.  Other than the 20 campaign missions, you can also play a co-op mode and death match mode.

Blazing Angels is available on XBOX 360, XBOX, and PC.  It has an ESRB rating of T for teen.  This is because the game features language and violence.


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