Battlefield 2

April 26, 2006 · Print This Article

Battlefield 2Battlefield 1942 was one of the most heralded games of the year. It’s unique blend of vehicle control, solid graphics, addictive gameplay, and massive multiplayer support made it an instant hit. However, the past is the past and it is time to move on. Battlefield 2 has arrived, and it is bringing a whole new set of rules. The prestige of past games means nothing to the present, but Battlefield 2 disregards that as it heads straight into battle armed to the teeth with new features and the same old fun.

While it may not be the game of the year, Battlefield 2 really does embody the original game and does well to highlight its positive aspects while at the same time adding new features and improving on the Battlefield name. Indeed, Battlefield 2 does offer a similar experience that any fans of the series will quickly feel comfortable with due to its similarities however it expands and improves just enough so that it gives gamers a good reason to go out and purchase this great multiplayer game.

Multiplayer is the key to the game. The Battlefield franchise has always been focused on multiplayer, and Battlefield 2 is no different. In fact, it is so focused on multiplayer that even its single player game is basically the same as the multiplayer game except with bots rather than other human players. Battlefield 2, likes its predecessors, allows for up to 64 players to engage in battle simultaneously and all bask in the fun that the game has to offer.

Previous Battlefield fans, such as those Battlefield 1942 or Vietnam fans, will find it very easy to get into the game in terms of gameplay. Like with those games, a player first chooses a side and then a class to determine what weapon load-out they have and then proceed to the battle where the game controls like any other FPS except that any vehicle and mounted weapon in the game can be controlled by the player including tanks, Humvees, helicopters, planes, and others.

There is now a new squad based system in place in the game. This system employs one player as a leader who can view tactical data from his squad, place them accordingly, issue orders, call in air strikes, etc. Meanwhile, the squad receives the orders and then deploys accordingly for maximum effect. This new setup really benefits clan based gameplay specifically.

A new unique new aspect of Battlefield 2 is that the maps change size according to the amount of players playing on the server. Depending on whether there are 16, 32, or 64 players, the map will change size according to make it so players won’t have to run around searching for someone to fight the entire game. This is an original approach that no other FPS games have done and it truly does offer a balancing effect that helps to keep the pace of the game fast and fun.

Battlefield 2 is truly a beautiful game and that’s why it requires such a powerhouse PC to run it. The maps are massive and incredibly detailed, requiring tons of RAM and a good video card to render them properly. The action is quick and usually involves many players in tight spaces including all different sorts of weapons and vehicles causing bullets to fly everywhere and explosions to go off every other second, only increasing the mayhem of the game and further increasing its hardware demands. However, for those with the right PC, it all adds up just right since everything from the characters to the weapons to the special effects look truly special.

Battlefield 2 also sounds excellent to boot. Characters have solid voiceovers (although the confirmation and order clips can get repetitive). The special effects are just amazing and do a lot to draw the gamer into the game and immerse that player in the battle. This experience is only amplified with a solid sound card and a good surround sound system to amplify the explosions and gunfire.

Battlefield 2 is simply overflowing with replay value. There are a countless number of reasons to play the game again and again, especially if you are already a fan of the series. Battlefield 2 does indeed do the original justice, but it does take its toll by requiring a good PC. Either way, be sure to give this game a roll.


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