Tips for Staying Safe When Playing Wii Games

December 10, 2009 · Print This Article

The safety factor is usually the last thing in people’s mind when it comes to video games. After all, how risky can playing in one’s home be? However, it pays to heed the safety warnings issued by manufacturers of video games, such as the Nintendo Wii, as doing so ensures that children and adults alike can truly enjoy their gaming experience.

Some people have been reported to suffer from seizures when playing certain video games. This has been traced to the excessive visual stimulation caused by the constant flashing of graphics on the screen. Occurrence can be very sudden and anybody can experience the seizures regardless of the individual’s state of health and age.

The theory is that seizures can be triggered by playing very near to the television screen. Big television screens also increase the chances of seizures as against the smaller sets. The best position when playing is to sit as far back as possible from the screen. Similarly, staring at the flashing screen continuously for hours can put a parson at high risk for seizures. Therefore, it’s best to limit the playing time of children; impose breaks to allow their eyes to rest even for a while.

Other than the possibility of seizures, you also need to be concerned with the severe headaches, blurred vision, twitching eyes, and convulsions. These may be brought about by the non-stop exposure to the vivid graphics flashing on the screen. If you suffer from motion sickness, it is highly likely for you to experience the same sensations when you play the Wii. This is due to the simulated movements by the fast changing screen graphics of certain games.

Another thing that concerns many is the potential addiction to playing video games. The Wii games offer so much fun and challenges so in a way you can’t blame those who spend countless hours playing Wii. However, playing Wii games require many repetitive motions over a long time that can take its toll on the wrists, hands, and fingers. It is common to hear avid players complain of their painful thumbs or stiff fingers.

You can avoid many aches and discomfort by setting a daily time limit on your play with the Wii. You must also be alert for the early symptoms of numbness in your hands and fingers. You might also experience burning sensations. When this happens, you should immediately stop your game and go for a long break to prevent it from worsening.

You may be interested in the interactive games but make sure to clear your immediate area before playing with your Nintendo Wii. Make enough space for you to move around during the game. You can get hurt if you accidentally hit objects or even other people. Check if your constant movements won’t result into things falling off the shelves or off the walls and onto you.

And most important of all, make sure that you are fit and able to engage in interactive Nintendo Wii games. Some movements can be so intensive you could suffer from a muscle pull or some other injury if you’re not fit enough. It is a good idea to stretch and do some warm ups before playing to avoid injuries. You should also stretch after playing to allow your muscles stiffened from playing to relax and normalize. If you have a heart condition, seek clearance from your doctor before playing the rigorous types of Wii games.

Through it all, expect to have fun while playing with your Wii. Just be mindful of the safety issues that have been raised in the foregoing paragraphs and take the appropriate steps to avert the related risks. Be conscious of how long you’ve been playing the game and learn to take a break every now and then. If you happen to experience health problems, do not hesitate to see a doctor. For all you know, those problems that manifest while you’re playing may be due to an underlying condition so seek medical help early to keep your health issues in check.


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