Connecting Nintendo Wii to Wireless Internet

February 8, 2011 · Print This Article

Wii is a popular gaming console sold by Nintendo that does not follow the usual video game format. Wii was developed with the intent to steer away from the traditional gaming format by incorporating motion sensitive elements which provide a unique gaming experience that is truly interactive. In addition to offering many fun, family friendly games such as bowling, tennis and baseball, the Wii can be connected to the internet in order to allow participants to further interact with other players who are also connected to the internet.

Connecting Wii to a Wireless Internet Connection

Connecting Wii to wireless internet is a simple process provided your wireless router is already installed and working.

· First, make sure your wireless router is picking up an internet connection. Do this by simply opening your internet browser on your home computer and pulling up a web page.

· Once you have made sure that your internet is working, power up your Wii console by pushing the power button either on the Wii remote or on the console.

· At the bottom left corner of the display screen on your television, there will be a “Wii” option. Choose this option by pointing your remote to the appropriate selection and pressing “A”.

· Another menu will come up and your next selection will be “Wii Settings”. Again, make your selection by pressing “A” on the Wii remote.

· Press the right arrow key and scroll to the “Internet” option and select.

· You will then be given “Connection Settings”. Choose the first option.

· Next, you will choose the “Wireless Connection” option. Then you will choose “Search for an Access Point”.

· You will be given a list of local wireless networks available that indicates the network name as well as the connectivity strength. Choose your network to which you would like to connect.

· At this point, you will need to input your security key if your wireless connection requires this information. After entering your password, press “Save”, then “Ok”.

· Your Wii will then automatically test your connection.

By connecting your Wii gaming console to your wireless internet connection, you open up a whole new world of internet possibilities and capabilities. Not only will you have the advantage of being able to compete with other players who are also connected via Wii, but you have the option of safely and securely accessing local, national and international news channels, weather channels and shopping channels.


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