Condemned: Criminal Origins

April 26, 2006 · Print This Article

Condemned:  Criminal OriginsIf you are looking for a game that will care you to death then you should give Condemned:  Criminal Origins a try.   Condemned is a first person action game that is sure to make your skin crawl.

You play the game as FBI agent Ethan Thomas.  Ethan is on the hunt for a serial killer in order to clear his own name of crimes he didn’t commit.  Ethan uses forensic tools to find clues that lead him to the serial killer.  His tools help him find DNA, chemical and biological compounds, detect gases, and other things.

If this sounds like a typical walk in the park, you are wrong.  Each area you travel to is full of deranged and psychotic people.  These people will attack you, hurt you, and try to kill you.  Worst yet, these people are smart and quite good at getting to you. You will constantly have to defend yourself.

There are firearms in the game.  However, more than likely you will use fast paced melee combat against these foes.  Condemned features the new Havoc 3.0 physics engine.  This allows you to pick up any object and use it as a weapon.  You will often find yourself using anything you see to protect yourself.  Shovels and pipes are always welcomed.  The melee combat that you engage in makes for a very gory and bloody game.  It is truly sickening.

It is hard to describe the game play.  It moves at a very slow, yet frightening pace.  Sometimes you have to venture down a dark and foreboding street.  Other times you have to travel down a creepy stairway into a basement.  Each corner you turn is going to bring some sort of terror into your mind. 

The music is very creepy to listen too.  It keeps you on edge throughout the game.  The spooky graphics add to the frightening feeling as well.  The voice acting is clear and easy to understand.  Lastly, the controls are easy to figure out.

Condemned is available on the XBOX 360.  The ESRB rating is M for mature.  This is because it features blood, gore, strong language, and intense violence.


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