Grandia III

April 28, 2006 · Print This Article

Grandia IIIGood RPG (role playing games) are sometimes hard to find.  But many times, if the RPG is in several series, odds are that it is quite popular.  One of the lesser known but good RPG series is that of Grandia.  Recently, Grandia III was released.  If you enjoyed the first 2 in the series, you are sure to love this one.

Grandia III begins in a peaceful and quiet village.  The lead character, Yuki, is inspired by the long forgotten: Sky Captain Schmidt, to build and fly his own airplane.  Sky Captain Schmidt once flew further and faster than anyone and Yuki wishes to beat him.  One day, Yuki attempts to fly his newly built airplane with his mother, Miranda.  (Miranda looks like she could be his sister).  He soon crosses paths with a young lady named Alfina and her not so nice brother, Emelious.  Alfina is a Communicator.  Communicators can talk to ancient creatures.

Grandia III features a semi real time combat system. You are able to combine all of your player’s abilities to perform devastating attacks and even aerial finishing moves.  You also have the ability to perform sneak attacks that will that stun and delay your enemies.  This is nice when you need to heal up or revive a fallen ally.  You can also perform chain attacks that are visually impressive to watch. Magic can also be used in battle based on the four elements:  fire, earth, water, and wind.

A new feature not offered in previous editions of Grandia is the Strategic Advise System.  This system allows the AI characters to make suggestions to you during battle.  These suggestions can aid you at defeating enemies, finding enemy weaknesses, and more.

There are of course flaws.  One flaw is that you have no control over where the characters go in the battlefield.  Some of the moves and attacks you perform can only affect certain areas of the battlefield.  This can be very annoying when a character decides to run to one side of the battlefield and you want them on the other.  Darn AI!

Grandia III has a very linear progression which gets boring at times.  The music is also a bit cheesy. But don’t let that get you down because the story is gripping and quite compelling.  The dramatic cut scenes and expansive environments are absolutely beautiful.  Lastly, the voice acting is also quite good, which is rare in many games. 

Grandia III was developed by Square Enix, who are well know for great RPG’s.  It is available on Playstation 2.  Grandia III has an ESRB rating of T for Teen.  This is because it features fantasy violence, mild language, and the use of alcohol.  Sorry, no children can buy it!  For those of you who like to cheat, you can get your hands on the official strategy guide.


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