Burnout: Revenge

May 5, 2006 · Print This Article

Burnout RevengeThe Burnout series has done well on a scale of epic proportions.  The newest in the series, Burnout:  Revenge, is meeting with the same stunning success.  This version is the sequel to Burnout 3.  It is all about revenge and destruction, not just winning the race!  It is available on several consoles, but the XBOX 360 version has the best perks.

In Burnout:  Revenge, you need to drive downright dirty!  Every car is suitable for you to destroy.  Cause massive accidents during rush hour, bump your rival racers into a wall, and always remember not to dodge traffic…crash into it!

Burnout:  Revenge rewards you for your notty and destructive behavior.  As you play, a revenge meter rises and tracks your progress so that you are suitably rewarded.  You get to choose you vehicle based on 3 car classes:  race, muscle, and crash.  Each car has different specs and capabilities.  When you are rewarded, your car gets stronger and literally transforms!

Since Burnout:  Revenge is literally about destruction, I suppose I should talk about that.  First off, there are hundreds of cars for you to trash.  An all new “car deformation” system has been integrated with 3 times more deformities than the previous edition of the series.  This includes:  paint scratches, tears, dents, dings, and turning cars into flaming balls of steel.  Each level has multiple paths, jumps, choke points, and new open-ended crash junctions…all to provide you with more chances to cause some destruction against other unsuspecting commuters or racing rivals. 

Crashes involve gorgeous cinematic cut scenes.  You will want to cause crashes again and again just to see them.  There are literally hundreds of ways to do this!  It is never the same game twice.

The graphics are just awesome and the soundtrack is as well.  Many real world locations look authentic, such as:  Rome, Detroit, and Tokyo.  The controls are also extremely easy to learn.  You will feel right at home on the road to destruction!

Burnout:  Revenge is newly available on XBOX 360.  The XBOX 360 version has all the new and cool stuff added to it.  Online play is great to play against your friends (or enemies) through XBOX live.  The XBOX and Playstation 2 versions are just as cool without the added features.  Burnout:  Revenge is rated E 10.  This means that the game is suitable for anyone ages 10 and up.  This is because the game features some violence.  (Hello!  Massive car crashes)!


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